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To the Next Level


Can you imagine standing beneath the abdomen of an aircraft, witnessing one of the two most crucial phases of a flight in the cockpit, i.e. the landing?

Passengers embarking elicit the ambiance of excitement, whether it be thrilling to start a new voyage or to return home. Now, the excitement is the next level here on the South Perimeter Road. It requires no embarkation. All that is needed is your senses and soul. The sound produced by the aircraft engine is the applause. The infinite twinkling of the runway lighting is the flashes of the camera. The aircraft ascending and descending the runway is the supermodel.

Capturing the supermodel’s abdomen is a one-of-a-kind experience. The runway where it is non-restricted and the public could access is the South Runway, situated on South Perimeter Road; dedicated for departures with the exception of cargo and the Government Flying Service flights. This action requires a tremendous amount of patience, as the use for landings over this runway is uncommon. Thus timing is everything. Opposite the South Runway is the North Runway, where descending flights could be seen every sixty seconds, together with the camera shutter being the most active.

Wrap the weekend up in a spectacular way!




Photo and Editing by Kitty

AA aircraft photo by Bernard



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