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Vibe of Art

Hello! How's Easter holiday for everyone? I started mine off with some artistic vibe at Art Central. I tried to appreciate every art piece from the point of view of an ordinary person and I admit that not every piece caught my attention and as far as I remember, there wasn't a bomb masterpiece that could make me stand all day appreciating. Despite all that, here I would like to share some highlights from the show.


It is amazing how layers of wires could form this portrait of an Asian woman.


I took a wild guess of how these white strings were formed on this oil painting. They look more like scratches to me because they were not sticking out.

Sounds, rythme and lights jammed in a pitch black space.

Overly real that it made me cringed. No joke.

Same goes for this and they are not in the proportion of humans, much much smaller in reality.


Photo and Editing by Kitty



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